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Who Buys the Baby's Christening Gown?

Christening GownA baby's christening or baptism is an important life event. This life event welcomes a baby into its Christian church. To celebrate this special occasion, many guests who are invited to the baptism, other than godparents, may want to provide a gift. Giving a gift is not obligatory, but traditionally christening/baptism gifts are given to provide a baby a secure start in life. Gifts also represent and celebrate the baby's entry into their faith. There are a wide range of gifts that are acceptable to give. Your gift selection should reflect the nature of your relationship to the baby and the family. 

Gift giving from godparents traditionally has been gifts of silver such as a spoons, cups or rattles in order to mark a baby's baptism. Popular gifts given by godparents today still incorporate the silver theme, but are more practical in nature such as silver photo frames and jewelry. Being a godparent in the traditional sense is a religious role, but it can also represent a more general commitment to a baby's well-being. Because of this some godparents will will decide to make a financial contribution to the baby that is placed in a savings account for future use. 

Depending on what church a baby is being baptized into, it is traditional for the godmother to purchase the baby's christening/baptism clothes. It is important for godmothers to check with the baby's parents to make sure they want the godmother to purchase the christening/baptism clothing. Some parents may want to use a heirloom christening gown that has been passed down from family ancestors. If a godmother is asked to purchase a christening gown check with the parents to find out if an elaborate or simple gown/outfit is required. Also check to find out what size the baby will need. As far as color goes, christening clothing are almost always white to reflect the innocence of the baby. 

If you want to give a gift that is not necessarily religious gift, parents will be happy with gifts that the baby and family can enjoy. Giving a handmade baby blanket, art, or photo albums are gifts that can be enjoyed through out the baby's life. 

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