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Tips for Christening Photos

Christening Photo Shoot Tips

We have all seen those amazing photos on Pinterest of babies all dressed up in their gorgeous christening gowns. You can have those same kinds of christening photos too. Here are some tips to help you work with your photographer so he or she can get the photos you want.

Christening Photography Tips

  1. Types and Styles: With all the options out there, you can do anything you want when it comes to types and styles. The best way to figure out what you want is to browse through Pinterest, christening gown websites, and other professional photo websites to get an idea. You don't even have to find photos of babies dressed up in formal attire. Just look for the type of image you want and go from there. The skies the limit, the types and styles you could do are urban or rural, contemporary, vintage, traditional, or whatever you want. 
  2. Background: Do you want an indoor or outdoor background? High-contrast (crisp and dark) or a subtle background (creamy, textured)
  3. Props: The best way to decide on what props to use is to think about who you are as a family? What objects (props) represent you? Are there any religious themed items you want to use like the Bible or other books of scripture? How about family heirlooms? You could also use blankets, furniture, books, baskets, and sporting equipment. Think out of the box and be creative. 
  4. People: Do you want other people to be included in the photo such as Godparents, parents, siblings, grandparents or do you want just your baby? There is no set formula for this, it is what ever you prefer.
  5. List of Shots and Examples: Your list may include close-up of baby's hands and feet; close-up of the details on the christening gown; and head shots. It also doesn't hurt to have some examples from the Internet of what kind of shots you want.
  6. Simple is The Key to Success: Babies will cooperate for 10 to 20 minutes. After that babies tend to get grumpy and are done. So don't try to dress your baby in 4 different outfits, just keep it simple and things will go better. 
  7. Prep the Dress: Make sure to press and steam your christening gown to remove wrinkles before showing up to your photo session. Doing this the day before works best and makes things less stressful for you and your baby.
  8. Maintain a Relaxing Atmosphere: In the studio or at home, play some calm-relaxing music to set the mood. Keep the temperature at a comfortable level. Don't forget to have some fun attention getting toys on hand for your baby. Doing these things will keep your baby and you relaxed and happy.
  9. Timing: If you want photos of your baby sleeping in her christening gown, time your photo session around your baby's nap time. If you want a cute and active photo of your baby, time the session for after nap time. You'll also want to make sure that your baby is well fed, so time your session after a feeding. 
  10. Just Relax: Remember to take deep breaths if you're feeling anxious about getting the perfect photo. Remember you've hired a professional photographer, so let them use their talents to work with your baby. To do this you may want to play a supporting role for the photographer as he or she snaps photos of your baby. 

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