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Answering Christening Gown Questions

Christening Gown

Buying a christening gown is a big and exciting purchase to make. Because this is such a big purchase you may have questions, such as; What is a christening? What is a christening gown used for? What color should it be? And, how long should a it be?

What is a christening?

A christening is a christian blessing that usually involves baptism. Baptism is a christian ritual when a baby is initiated into a church congregation by having water sprinkled or poured over the head of the baby.

What is a christening gown used for?

Christening gowns are designed and meant to be worn only once by the child who is getting baptized or blessed. After a christening gown has been worn, it is often stored away for future use by a sibling or for future posterity.

What color should a christening gown be?

Christening gowns historically have been white or a shade of white. White is symbolic of purity and a renewal of innocence. In modern times christening gown designers have added a bit of color to gowns by adding bows or lace that are either light pink or blue. 

How long should a christening gown be?

Gowns for christenings are usually 28" - 36" in length. Dresses meant for christenings, like a "day dress," are shorter only going to the mid-calf or the tips of the toes. 

Traditionally, babies are baptized or blessed before they can crawl or walk, so a long gown that is 28" or 36" is very doable for a baby who is not mobile yet. This gown length looks beautiful as it flows down past a baby's feet. 

If a baby is crawling or walking a day dress makes more sense. It's also easier to manage not only for the baby, but for the parents.

In essence the length of a christening gown is up to you, but it is important to consider what makes the most sense with a child who is crawling/walking or not. 

Christening Gowns:

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