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Getting Wrinkles Out of a Christening Gown

Removing Christening Gown WrinklesTo get wrinkles out of a christening gown or outfit, techniques with dryers, irons, bathroom steaming, dry cleaning, and steamers can be used to remove wrinkles without damaging the gown or outfit.

If you are planning a christening for your baby, chances are you are either going to purchase a new christening gown or are planning to use a family heirloom gown. Either way, it is very likely that your gown, whether it's newly purchased or it's been hanging in the closet, will have some wrinkles.

Wrinkles in clothes don't seem that hard to get out and in all honesty it's not that hard, but you probably want to be cautious with a christening gown that has a lot of value and may be irreplaceable. With that in mind here are a few tips for getting those wrinkles out so you baby looks stunning on her or his christening day.


Carefully spray a lite amount of water on your christening outfit and then put it in the dryer. Set the heat to medium for just a few minutes or so. When the dryer is finished immediately remove the outfit (tip: you may add more wrinkles if you don't remove it immediately) and check to see if the wrinkles are gone. This works well for items that are made out of tulle, satin, organza, and cotton blends.


An iron works best if your baptism gown or outfit is made with 100% cotton. To do this first make sure your iron is clean so to not heat-set residues from the iron to your outfit. Make sure to set the iron temperature to the appropriate fabric setting. Some fabrics can be damaged easily by too much heat. You may want to consider using a pressing cloth (a cotton cloth between the iron and the gown). Using a pressing cloth will protect your gown from getting damaged. To use a pressing cloth simply lay the cloth on the gown where there are wrinkles, spray some water on it and then press it with your iron.

Bathroom Steaming

Bathrooms get hot a steamy when taking a shower. This makes for a perfect place to get rid of wrinkles. Simply hang your christening gown or outfit on a rod or a hook in the bathroom. Turn the shower and make sure it is hot. Close the door and let the gown or outfit sit for 15 to 20 minutes. If there are still wrinkles, try rubbing the wrinkles with a damp cloth and tug on the wrinkles gently. Then let the gown steam for a few minutes longer. This wrinkle removing technique is best for satin, tulle, and organza.

Dry Cleaner

Using a dry cleaner can be a good option to get rid of wrinkles. Just make sure that your dry cleaner is experienced in handling delicate fabrics like a christening gown.


A professional-grade steamer will remove wrinkles from satin, silk, and organza. To do this fill up the reservoir with distilled water. Turn it on and let the steam build up. Make sure the wand isn't spitting water. This could result in water spots. Then run the wand over and beneath the fabric. The steam is hot, so be careful not to burn yourself.