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Silk Dupioni Christening Gowns

Silk Dupioni Christening Gown

Why choose a silk dupioni christening gown over other christening gowns? There are many reasons, such as silk dupioni's creative uses, its shiny-crisp look, it's wrinkle resistance, it has durable strength, and its seasonal friendliness.

Why Choose a Silk Dupioni Christening Gown?

Dupioni silk is perfect for being a creative fabric when it comes to embroidery and beading. Also dupioni silk gowns can be smocked in smock pleater. Christening gowns made out of silk dupioni also have a shiny and crisp look to them. This kind of look is perfect for a special occasions such as a christening. Silk dupioni is also resistant to wrinkles. This is beneficial when dressing a toddler up for their christening day. Other fabrics such as cotton will wrinkle leaving a toddler's gown unsightly with wrinkles Also, silk dupioni is a stronger silk fabric than other silks. This is because of the dual thread nature of dupioni (dupioni means two). This extra durability that silk dupioni has allows a silk dupioni christening gown to hold up over time for future use for siblings or posterity. Another benefit of silk dupioni is that it works both in hot or cold climates. Meaning the fabric is cool in summer and warm in winter. We can't control the weather on our baby's christening day, but we can control what our baby wears so they can stay warm on cold days or cool on hot days.

Silk Dupioni Slubs

One thing to note about silk dupioni are the natural slubs in the fabric. These slubs are often mistaken as damaged silk fabric when actually the slubs are the natural outcome of the type of weave that is used to make dupioni. These slubs should be considered as added visual interest and texture to the fabric. 

In ending, it is often said that silk is the "queen of fabrics." If this is the case what better choice is there to choose a silk dupioni christening gown for your baby's christening day.

Silk Dupioni Christening Gowns

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