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What is Dupioni Silk?

Dupioni SilkDupioni means double. Dupioni (Silk Douppioni or Silk Dupion) silk is an uneven double silk thread reeled from two united cocoons. The type of weave that is used is a plain weave, produced by using fine thread in the warp and uneven thread reeled from two or more entangled cocoons in the weft. Similar to shantung, this weave creates a tightly woven surface that is highly-lustrous. Dupioni can be woven into patterns that are plaid and striped. 

Silk Dupioni, because of how it is woven, will have slubs (crosswise irregularities in texture). This is natural for this type of weave. These slubs should not be considered flaws, mistakes, or damaged silk fabric, but should be considered as something that adds texture and visual interest to the fabric. The main difference between dupioni and shantung is dupioni as natural slubs and shantung does not. 

Dupioni is popular with formal wear such as with bridal dresses or christening gowns / dresses and outfits. This type of silk is popular for formal occassions because the weave creates a luster as well as a densely woven fabric that has a lot of body and a crisp finish. Perfect for structured garments that need to hold their shape. 

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