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Silk Christening Gowns

Girls Silk Christening GownIt's been said that silk is the "queen of fabrics." If you have felt or seen silk before then you know why it is called this. It looks good, feels smooth, and performs well. Because of this royal designation as a fabric it only seems natural that silk be used to make christening gowns for children for their christening day. 

For a variety of reasons dupioni silk is a perfect fabric to make christening gowns. Dupioni silk is a great fabric for creative uses, it is excellent for embroidery and beading. In addition to this, dupioni can also be used in a smocking pleater for heirloom gowns. 

Dupioni Silk Characteristics

Other characteristics of dupioni silk is that it is shiny and crisp in its original state which adds a look that is perfect for christening clothing. For a seamstress it is easy to sew because of its stable and crisp nature. To soften dupioni silk, it can be washed with water. Doing this takes some of the crispness and stiffness out of the fabric to give a gown a different look. These characteristics that dupioni offers allows christening gown makers to fashion a gown that is perfect for special occasions such as a christening. 

Wrinkle Resistant

Since christening gowns are meant for babies and toddlers, an added benefit of dupioni silk is that it is resistant to wrinkling (unlike cotton). Parents of active toddlers know that their toddler's clothing can get wrinkled pretty quickly, so it's nice to have something that is wrinkle proof on an important day such as a christening.

Stronger Than Other Silk Fabrics

Another characteristic of dupioni silk is that it is stronger than other silk fabrics. This is because of its dual thread nature. This strength is perfect for christening gowns that will be passed down through generations as a heirloom gown. Dupioni silk is more likely to last longer than other silk fabrics for years and decades so posterity can enjoy the gown on their children's christening day. 

A Good Seasonal Gown

Lastly, silk dupioni fabric is a fabric that is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. So what ever the temperature is outside your baby will stay comfortable. We can't always control the weather on our children's christening day due to the seasons and where we live. But we can control what children wear on their christening day in order to help them stay warm or cool as the weather dictates

Silk Christening Gowns

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