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Memory and Lillian Christening Gowns

By far our two most popular christening gowns are two sister gowns that we sell. They are the Memory Gown and the Lillian Gown. They are sister gowns because they feature the exact same style, but are different in color. The Memory Gown is ivory and Lillian Gown is white. 

The Memory Christening Gown

Memory Christening Gown

Out of the two gowns the Memory Christening Gown seems to be more popular. It is a 4-piece set gown that includes the following: matching shawl, cotton slip, and bonnet. The fabric is embroidered netting. It is an off-white ivory colored gown and perhaps that's why our customers are drawn to it some much. Traditionally christening gowns are white, but an off-white gown is acceptable in most churches for a christening. Other features are elbow length sleeves, a ribbon that ties in the back. Depending on size the length of the gown will range from 32" to 42".

The Lillian Christening Gown

Lillian Christening GownThe Lillian Christening Gown is a more traditional gown out of the two gowns because it is white. Like the Memory Gown, the Lillian Gown is a 4-piece set gown that includes a matching shawl, a cotton slip, and a matching bonnet. The fabric is glossy embroidered netting. It has elbow length sleeves and a ribbon that ties in back. Depending on size the length of the gown will range from 32" to 43".

Because of the delicate nature of both of these gowns it is highly recommended to hand wash these two gowns and to lay flat to let them dry. 

Out of these two gowns, which ever one is chosen for your baby's christening, it's a gown that can be used again and again for siblings and to be past down through your family for generations as an heirloom christening piece.  

Like our other customers we think you won't be disappointed. Your baby girl will look beautiful on her christening day in this gown.

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