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Tips for Planning a Summer Christening

The days are getting warmer, longer, and you have a christening or baptism party to plan! Why not do a summer christening party outside. It would be so lovely to do an outdoor party with blooming flowers and chirping birds. Combine all that with family and friends and I don't think life could get any better.  

To help you plan your outdoor summer christening party, here are a few tips to make it perfect and memorable.


Create a way for your guests to celebrate your baby's baptism. You could provide them with christening party favors. Along with party favors you can also have your guests sign a guest book or a signature frame that can be hung on your baby's wall.


Having pictures helps with making your baby's baptism memorable. You can do pictures a few different was. You, yourself can talk the pictures. One caveat is that taking picture yourself will take time away from being with your guest. You may also get caught up in the atmosphere of enjoying your guests that you forget about the pictures. If you choose this option just remember to make it a priority to take pictures. 

A second option would be to ask a family member to be in charge of taking pictures. This option will free you up to spend time with your guests and to enjoy yourself. If you ask family member to take pictures for you, chose someone who has some knowledge of photographer so you can get the best pictures possible. 

The third option is to hire a professional photographer. This option will cost you money, but will ensure that you get the best pictures possible and you will be able to enjoy being with your guests. (Tips for Christening Photos)


Since this is an outdoor summer christening party, don't be afraid to be creative and maybe a little informal. Do a BBQ if that seems like your thing. If BBQ doesn't seem to fit the occasion, then perhaps sandwiches and fresh fruit is a better option. Don't forget dessert. If you choose to do a BBQ makes some homemade ice cream that can be served with cake. If you decide to go another route do just a cake that will match the decorations. You can also have the bakery add crosses or other embellishments to the cake to match the occasion. 

Table Settings

Since its summer and this is an outdoor party, anything goes when it comes to table settings. You can keep it simple and use paper plates, napkins, and plastic utensils or you can be a bit more formal and put name tags for where people should sit. With it being summer decorate the table with flowers to give the table setting a summery feel. 

Summer Christening Gown/Outfits 

For the actual christening you will want to have your baby dressed in her or his christening gown/outfit. One thing you will want to consider is what should your baby wear for the christening party? Do you want your baby to wear her or his christening gown/outfit? Or for the party, do you want to change your baby into another outfit that is more comfortable and okay to get dirty?

Girls Christening Gowns

It's summer, so it will be hot. This means short sleeves is a must to keep your baby cool and comfortable. Along with short sleeves consider a gown that has lace. Lace is light and breathable - perfect for a hot day. 

Boys Christening Gown or Outfit

Traditionally boys have been dressed in christening gowns. If you have a family heirloom gown and you choose to dress you baby boy in it, it will naturally be more cool as opposed to a romper style outfit. 

If you choose to do a more contemporary look, outfits made with cotton broadcloth will look good on any boy. It's also light and airy -  another perfect option for a hot day.

One Last Tip

Since your summer party will be outdoors remember to have a back up plan if the weather looks like it might not cooperate. You can ask a neighbor or family member if their home could be back up is the weather is bad or if you have enough room in your home just move the party there.