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Preemie Baptism Dresses and Outfits

Preemie Baptism DressWith giving birth to a preemie baby there is a lot to think about. Such as health related issues, feeding and nutrition, the risk of viral infections, and the list goes on. Luckily there are professional care givers who can give expert advice on these topics. For us at Children's Formal Attire we can help with giving advice on what to consider for a preemie baptism dress.

The Preemie Baptism Dress and the Boys Preemie Baptism Outfit we offer comes in two sizes: "Preemie - 2 lbs" and "Preemie - 4 lbs." For preemies this is the ideal sizing for christening clothing. It is very rare that a preemie smaller than 2 lbs would need a baptism dress. 

Since preemies have sensitive skin, their clothing should be soft to the touch. Our baptism dress for preemies is made of 100% cotton which makes for a fabric material that will not be abrasive to your baby's skin.  

Premature babies often struggle to stay warm hence the reason why preemies as well as new borns wear hats. Wearing a soft cotton hat helps a preemie from heat loss through the head. When buying a preemie dress consider a bonnet that matches the dress that can help keep your baby warm. Depending on where you live, it may be a good idea to purchase a warm hat for your baby to wear while drive to and from the christening-baptism ceremony. Once at the christening you can then put the bonnet on.

For the your babies christening day, since dresses in general are not good at keeping babies warm you might also want to bring warmer clothes to change your baby into. Keeping your baby warm and comfortable will help them to be happy on their christening day. If they're happy on their special day then its more likely you will be happy too.

Baptism Dresses for New Borns:

Italian Lace Christening Gown
White Cotton Christening Baptism Gown