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Christening Gown Gift Certificates

Christening Gown Gift Certificate

We love providing our customers with beautiful christening gowns and outfits, it makes us so happy to see pictures of our customer's cute babies in our clothes. Here at Children's Formal Attire we offer gift certificates that can be purchased as present and then redeemed on our website.

A Children's Formal Attire Gift Certificate is the perfect gift for Godparents to give their Godchild or to the parents of their Godchild. 

A gift certificate can go towards helping parents purchase one of our heirloom christening gowns or a baptism outfit for a boy

In addition to helping parents make a gown or outfit purchase a gift certificate can be redeemed to buy christening accessories. We offer christening socks, christening blankets, slips, diaper covers, christening bibs, white pacifier clips, and heirloom preservation bags. 

Socks: We have both boys and girl's white socks, as well as gender neutral (unisex) socks. 

Christening Blankets: On our website we offer a variety of blankets to be used for a baby's christening. We have blankets with lace, bows, embroidery, and other style and patterns. 

Slips and Diaper Covers: Having an undergarment, such as a slip or diaper cover, between your baby and your baby's gown will help keep your baby comfortable and your baby's gown clean.

Christening Bibs: Babies spit-up and a nice white christening bib can help in keeping your baby's christening gown from getting soiled with spit-up. All of our bibs are white and some of them have embroidery on them.

White Pacifier Clip: These pacifier clips are great for keeping a pacifier close and the clips are white so they'll match any white gown or outfit.

Heirloom Preservation Bags: Christening gowns and outfits are special items that are linked to your baby's baptism. Because they're so special it is wise to purchase a preservation bag to keep your baby's gown or outfit clean and safe.

All these items (christening accessories, gowns, and outfits) can be purchased with a gift certificate.