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Baby Christening Accessories - What to Wear with A Baptism Gown?

White Christening-Baptism Socks

Looking for something your baby can wear with her baptism gown? Many parents will purchase christening baby shoes, a baptism bonnet or hat, a christening bib, or a christening blanket to complement a baptism gown. In addition to these christening accessories some people will also purchase a white pacifier clip or a slip and diaper cover. 

Christening Baby Shoes and Socks

Christening shoes for your baby not only helps in keeping your baby's little toes warm, but christening shoes complement baptism gowns. These shoes are often made with religious symbols on them.

Socks for christenings are white and can be worn with or without shoes. There are socks that are gender neutral (unisex) or socks that can be purchased that have decorative lace and bows on them.

Christening Bonnets and Hats

Christening bonnets for girls adds that extra touch that will make your baby girl look beautiful in her baptism gown. A bonnet or a hat for boys also will keep your precious baby's head warm while traveling to the baptism and then traveling to the reception afterwards. 

Christening Bibs 

Why purchase a christening bib? Well, babies are babies, which means they may spit up and you probably don't want that spit up your babies gorgeous heirloom christening gown you purchased. Most christening bibs have religious embroidery on them such as doves or crosses.

Christening Blankets

Historically christening blankets came into use because new born babies getting baptisms needed to be kept warm. The same is true today, if you live in a cold climate or will be baptizing your baby in a cold historic church you'll want to make sure your baby is warm and happy. Christening blankets are almost always white and can have lace, bows, or religious embroidery on them.

White Pacifier Clips

Because you may want to give your baby a pacifier to comfort her and to keep her from crying it might be practical to also buy a white pacifier clip that matches your baby's baptism gown. A pacifier clip will keep your baby's pacifier from getting lost or from falling on the ground. A pacifier clip also keeps the pacifier close and handy for you to give to your baby if she starts to cry.

Slips and Diaper Covers

Slips serve a few purposes they can protect your baby's skin if your baby's baptism gown happens to made of coarse material (often baptism gowns are made with soft fabrics). A slip also protects the baptism gown from becoming soiled from dirty diapers. Lastly, a slip is an extra layer of clothing that provide a bit more warmth for your baby. 

Diaper covers are just another layer of protection so your baby's baptism dress does not get soiled or wet from a leaky diaper.